Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cleveland Food Not Lawns: Mari Keating's Yard Transformation

Mari Keating had a fabulous garden in the back yard, but her front lawn looked like any other. She writes:

My permaculture design course included small group design charette.  When it came time to discuss my own yard, I was struck by a glaring truth.  All of my principles and beliefs were expressed in the backyard via rain barrels, compost bins, laundry lines and integrated beds of organically grown vegetables, herbs and flowers, while the front yard was the green square of conformity, a typical suburban lawn!  How on earth could I find community in my neighborhood when I didn't make who I was and what I believed in visible to the street?  My permaculture training enhanced what I had already been doing for many years, but Food Not Lawns provided the missing activism piece that encouraged me to be public and provoking.  I did my training in September of 2010 and had the first Food Not Lawns,Cleveland seed swap in January of 2011, and hosted a sheet mulch demonstration on my own yard in March!  The response has never been anything but positive and the rewards immeasurable on so many levels.

Here's a link to an article featuring Cleveland Food Not Lawns

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